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Ode to Doc Nelson                                      

A stitch in time saves nine (or in this case . . . ten!)

By Virginia Beauchamp

If your hands aren't working , and you are in a bind ...
Who's the best hand surgeon, that you are gonna find?
Well, for my money,
Doc Nelson is the guy
And if  it's of  interest
I am going to tell you why
Now listen up good people
Got a problem with YOUR hand?
You won't be sorry
If you go and see this man
He looked at MY problem
He gave me his advice
I got a wee bit  nervous
when he said he had to slice!
While sitting  in his office, I got a case of fidgets . . .
I just could not imagine someone cutting on my digits!
I later figured out that my fears were in a hurry
to try to psyche me out when I needn't have a worry!
The surgery came. Wow , everything went well!
Doc took care of my problem and I didn't feel like Hell!
I almost have my hand back
(one small piece  left behind!)
I'd say it all was worth it , since I 'm really  feeling fine!
The truth, as I can tell you . . .
I give him quite a hand!
The work he did was gifted
(He can stitch to beat the band!)
So if you find you need him , it's time to get a grip
He has a special website where you can take a trip
Since this is my story, and one I like to tell . . .
I know it  won't take too long 'fore you're also feeling well!
With instructions from Doc Nelson  
And his pain reduction plan
You won't even know you have stitches in your hand!