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Philosophy of Patient Care

My philosophy of patient care is that I do not give treatment to my patients, I do it for and with my patients. This is a subtle distinction when you put it into print, but is in fact a tremendous difference when you put it into practice.

Patient education is a very important part of this philosophy. When the patient has an understanding of their condition and the treatment options, they are ready to manage their own healthcare. I want to be an integral part of that healthcare, but I believe nothing empowers the patient like information. That is the reason I created this website.

My staff and I are here to serve you. If we ever fail in that mission, please bring it to my attention. I did not get the right to treat patients when I got my medical license, I got the privilege of serving patients when you made an appointment to see me, and I have to re-earn it at every visit.

You may also want to review my academic credentials and our follow-up visit form to better understand my philosophy of patient care.

Click here for an article in the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery's Bulletin on Dr. Nelson's work with patient education websites.

Please look at the material I have prepared for you. Patient education is an important part of providing the highest quality medical care. I look forward to seeing you.
- Dr. Nelson