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Steroid Injection

This page has been written by patients of mine who had an injection and who wanted to share their experience with other patients who are thinking of having an injection.

The statements are unedited, except for grammar if requested by the patient. No two patients will have identical experiences, so expect some variation. However, I thought that you would like not only MY perspective on what you might experience (I have told you this during your visit), but also THEIR perspective on what they actually experienced. If you have any questions, please let me know. - Dr. Nelson


I had a shot previously: it hurt a lot, so I was dubious of Dr. Nelson saying it would not hurt...

About 10 years ago, I had a 'trigger finger' problem and went to another doctor. He gave me a shot in my hand saying it would provide relief for the problem, though the relief might be temporary. Unfortunately, the shot itself was incredibly painful and it seemed that the needle stayed in my hand for an unusually long, painful time for a shot. Even after 10 years I remember the experience very distinctly and not at all fondly. The shot did give me some relief for a few months, but then the problem returned. Since the shot did not turn out to fix the problem, I definitely chose not to experience it again, and had surgery done to correct the 'trigger finger'.

A couple years ago, I again began experiencing 'trigger finger' symptons on a different finger in my right hand, and after awhile, I also developed symptoms in two fingers on my left hand. Since I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, and that the solution was a choice of very painful shots or surgery, I put off consulting with a doctor until the symptons were severe. Fortunately, my insurance plan did not include the original doctor I went to, and I ended up coming to you instead. I finally agreed to let you give me a shot, but only after you promised to bake me cookies if I found the shot to be painful. I am very fond of cookies. However, I didn't get any cookies. I can't say the shot was a delightful experience, but, except for an initial prick, it really wasn't painful. The shot has provided some relief, although I think I waited so long to come in that I will probaby have to have the surgery at some point anyway to clear up the problem. Had I known the shot experience was going to be so much better than the first time, I would have come to see you a lot sooner.

Thanks very much. I will see you again soon.