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Patient Statements
Trigger Finger Surgery

This page has been written by patients of mine who had surgery and who wanted to share their experience of surgery with other patients who are thinking of having a similar surgery.The statements are unedited unless indicated. No two patients will have identical experiences, so expect some variation. However, I thought that you would like not only MY perspective on what you might experience (I have told you this during your visit), but also THEIR perspective on what they actually experienced. If you have any questions, please let me know. - Dr. Nelson

A. Clary
10 days after surgery


I just had surgery for my "trigger thumb" and wanted to share with anyone who might be thinking of having this surgery.

Amazingly, the surgery was easier and less painful than the original "trigger thumb" problem! My thumb and 2 fingers were kept numb for 12 hours after surgery and I never had to use any Vicodin... ever! Amazing!

 ~ A. Clary



Trigger Finger Release in a 81 Year Old

10 days after surgery

My surgery on a trigger finger proceeded smoothly from start to finish. I relaxed due to the preparation from the doctor and thorough explanation in plain English on his website.

I am 81 years old and would encourage anyone to have the surgery and eliminate the pain and awkwardness of use that occurs with this particular ailment.

The healing process was aided by Tylenol in my case and since I felt no discomfort, I did not need the narcotic pain medication. I also appreciated the follow-up visit to confirm all was well.

~ B.S.A.



Trigger Finger Release and Carpal Tunnel Release in a 79 Year Old Retired Physician

Now that I am completely healed I want you to know how pleased I am with your skill and care. You told me what you would do with no assumption that I knew anything about surgery of carpal tunnel compression or relief of the trigger finger. You were thorough, detailed and your printed instructions were the same.You followed my request for the lightest anesthesia so I could listen to the little chatter that went on during the surgery. I left the hospital shortly afterward. No pain medication was taken because there was no pain. The wounds healed quickly. Bandages were off in 10 days. 6 weeks later there is almost no sign of either operation and I have full mobility.

Thank you so much.

~ Gerson Jacobs. MD
October 12, 2004

Sharing My Surgical Experience:

On Sept. 17, 2004, at Marin General Hospital, I had surgery on the middle finger of my left hand to relieve the condition known as trigger finger. The actual surgery itself lasted approximately 30 minutes or less and thanks to a wonderful anesthetic known as Propofol, my post-operative side effects were very minimal (slight grogginess / no nausea). I was released from the hospital recovery room approximately 1 hour 10 mins following surgery.

Since my hand was injected post-op with a pain block that was to last 8-12 hours, I never used the Vicodin prescription Dr. Nelson gave me. In fact, that pain block lasted almost 20 hours on me. Consequently, I had almost no post-operative pain. Following the advice of the good doctor, I used a COX-2 inhibitor combined with Tylenol for the next 3 days to minimize any pain or swelling and kept my hand elevated above my heart as much as possbile. Post-op bruising of my hand was minimal.

Today, I am one month post-op and have complete pain-free use of my left hand and middle finger with just a small 3/4" surgical incision scar on the inside of the palm of my hand. To sum it all up, this surgery was a piece of cake! And the best advice I can give anyone is to log on and use the wealth of information Dr. Nelson has available on his website for your particular hand condition.You'll learn a lot!

~ JM