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San Francisco Bay Area Hand Society

Founded by Eugene Kilgore, MD and William Newmeyer, MD

Directed by David L. Nelson, M.D.

The San Francisco Bay Area Hand Society is a group of approximately 130 hand surgeons and 30 hand therapists who meet twice a year. The meetings consist of a social hour with wine and hors d'oeurvres, starting at 6 pm, followed by dinner from 7 to 8, and culminating in a talk on a hand surgery topic by a nationally prominant hand surgeon. The Club is open to any surgeon or therapist who treats hand patients. There are no membership dues or applications, and the group's only function is the lectures. Please contact Dr. Nelson, at 1363 South Eliseo Drive, Suite B, Greenbrae, Ca 94904, or at 415-925-0501, to be added to the list or for more information.

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Next Meeting: Thursday, May 28, 2020

Our speaker will be:

Alex Shin, MD

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

Professor of Neurosurgery

Mayo Clinic

Update on Scaphoid Nonunion

Partially supported by unrestricted educational grants from Skeletal Dynamics, Medartis, Trimed, and Exsomed


The location will be Bistro Boudin, 160 Jefferson St, San Francisco 94133

Parking: There is free parking below the Bellevue club and on the street.

The social hour will start at 6:30 pm and dinner is at 7:30 pm., dinner at 8:30 pm. The price is $95 for surgeons, $75 for therapists, and $40 for residents and fellows. Reservations will be $20 more if received after May 25, due to advance notice requirements by Bistro Boudin. Please, no reservations at the door without telephoning Dr. Nelson.

Download the registration form here.

Please, no reservations at the door without telephoning Dr. Nelson.

David L. Nelson, MD
Director, San Francisco Bay Area Hand Club

Nicholas Lee, MD
Assistant Director

We hold meetings every May and November. The location alternates between Oakland and San Francisco.


The San Francisco Bay Area Hand Club has been meeting since about 1970.

Sterling Bunnell was the founding father of hand surgery, and San Francisco was proud to boast of being the location of his practice as well as other early pioneers such as his partners, L.D. Howard and Donald Pratt (surgeons who knew and operated with all three partners said that Bunnell had the discipline to write, but Howard and Pratt were more accomplished surgeons), as well as John Neibauer and Gene Kilgore. But there was no organized Hand Club.

Eric Butler was the spark for its formation. When he was at Kaiser San Jose, he took a sabbatical year in Sweden, Edinburgh, and Denmark, in 1972-1973. This opened his eyes to a broader world of hand surgery and the need to share with and learn from local hand surgeons. When he returned, in 1974 or 1975, he organized meetings of the Kaiser Permanente surgeons who were interested in surgery of the hand and upper extremity. Quarterly meetings brought together 8-10 surgeons for dinner and discussion of hand surgery topics.

A few years later, Avron Daniller, MD, a plastic hand surgeon in private practice in Sacramento, sent a letter to various people, including Eric Butler and Bill Newmeyer, proposing a Hand Club, similar to what he had experienced during his training in plastic and hand surgery at N.Y.U. With this prompting, at the next ASSH annual meeting, Drs. Butler and Newmeyer discussed the idea. Based on the Kaiser meeting format, Bill seized on the idea. Together with his partner, Gene Kilgore, the Bay Area Hand Club arose. John Agee provided encouragement for the surgeons from Sacramento. One of the earlier meetings was held on a Friday evening at the Nut Tree in Vacaville, as a sort of halfway place Bay Area surgeons to join their Sacramento colleagues . Even then it took about two hours to get from the Peninsula to Vacaville. So that idea pretty quickly died, and from there on, it was much more convenient to meet at various Bay Area hospitals. Tony Matan was one of the first members of the club, he and David Lichtman recall some of the early meetings were held at the Officer's Club, at Oak Knoll Naval Medical Center in Oakland, where David Lichtman was Chief of Hand, and later Commanding Officer. Some of the meetings were held in Gene Kilgore's beautiful home in Tiburon, usually in conjunction with meetings of the American College of Surgeons.

The meetings were run for many years by Gene Kilgore and Bill Newmeyer. The leadership passed to David Nelson, MD, in 1992, who has run it since. Nico Lee, MD, has been assisting Dr. Nelson in running the organization since 2016.

The San Francisco Bay Area Hand Society continues their tradition of devotion to scholarship and fellowship in hand surgery. 

Recent Speakers


Catherine Curtin, MD November 15, 2019 Chronic Pain: What to do when the Wound
has Healed but the Pain Persists
Neil Ford Jones, MD May 28, 2019 Tendon Transfers for the Posttraumatic Hand
Richard Gelberman, MD November 15, 2018 Tendon Healing
James Chang, MD April 27, 2018 Inside Rodin's Hands: Teaching Surgery through Art and Anatomy
Matt Tomaino, MD, MBA November 3, 2017 Optimizing Team Performance: What Is at Stake?
Brian Adams, MD May 5, 2017 Optimizing Treatment of the DRUJ
David Ring, MD, PhD November 11, 2016 The Changing Treatment for Tennis Elbow: Need for Evidence
Amy Ladd, MD May 27, 2016 First CMC Arthritis
Waldo E. Floyd, III November 13, 2015 Boutonniere and Swan Neck:
The Problems of Intercalated Bones
Marin Posner, MD May 22, 2015 Patients to Embrace, Patients to Avoid
Rusty Fritz, MD November 14, 2014 MRI for Hand Surgeons

Relton McCarroll, MD
Lisa Littanza, MD

May 8, 2014 Computerized Preoperative Planning, held at UCSF
Charles Eaton, MD November 8, 2013 Update on Dupuytren's, held at the Stanford Faculty Club ,
Michelle Janes, MD May 24, 2013 Congenital Differences in Hands
Peter Stern, MD November 9, 2012 Current Perspectives on the Management of Small Hand Injuries
Anne Ouelette, MD May 18, 2012 Forearm Instability: The Essex-Lopresti Lesion and the Herbert Sling.
Don Lalonde, MD November 4, 2011 Epinephrine in the Hand: The Key to 15 Years as a Hand Surgeon without a Tourniquet
Vincent "Rod" Hentz, MD and
Gary Pess, MD
May 13, 2011 Dupuytrens Update: Needle Aponeurotomy, Xiaflex, and Fasciectomy
Rob Medoff, MD November 5, 2010 Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy
Mahesh Mankani, MD, and May 21, 2010 Wound VAC: Practical Application for the Hand Surgeon
Michael Grafe, MD   (NOTE: this link will not run in Firefox, but will run in Interner Explorer)
Roy Meals, MD November 6, 2009 Hematoma Arthroplastyand Distraction for First CMC Arthritis
Robert Szabo, MD May 8, 2009 Avoiding Dogma in Hand Surgery
Henery Buncke, MD November 7, 2008 Harry Buncke, MD - The Father of US Microsurgery
John Agee, MD May 9, 2008 Finger Contractures: The Digit Widget
Larry Schneider, MD May 10, 2007 Surgeries I No Longer Do
Melvin Rossenwasser, MD November 9, 2006 Distal Radius Fractures
Paul Manske, MD May 12, 2006 Writing for (and Reading) the Journal of Hand Surgery
Jorge Orbay, MD November 18, 2005 Distal Radius Fractures
Vincent "Rod" Hentz, MD May 10, 2005 Dupuyterns Disease and Collagenase: An Update

Bowen Y. Wong, MD

November 12, 2004 "Nerve Conduction Testing for Hand Surgeons"
David Nelson, MD May 14, 2004 "Post-Operative Pain Management"
Peter Stern, MD November 7, 2003 "Current Perspectives on the Management of
Small Joint Injuries and Arthrosis"
William Newmeyer, MD May 23, 2003 "History of the ASSH"
Thomas Trumble, MD Nov 2, 2002 "Distal Radius Fractures"
Louis Gilula, MD May 10, 2002 "The PA Approach to Wrist Radiographs"
William Geissler, MD October 9, 2001 "Arthroscopy and Distal Radius Fractures"
Robert Szabo, MD May 10, 2001 "Controversies in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"
David Lichtman, MD October 27, 2000 "Lunotriquetral Injuries"
Arnold-Peter Weiss, MD May 19, 2000 "A New Silicon MCP Implant, and Two Fusion Plates"
Leonard Ruby, MD November 12, 1999 "Wrist Kinematics"
Andrew Weiland, MD May 14, 1999 "Scaphoid Fractures"
William Cooney, MD November 6, 1998  "Scaphoid Nonunions"
E. F. Shaw Wilgis, MD May 8, 1998  "Three Difficult Topics"
Gary Poehling, MD November 11, 1997  "Wrist Arthroscopy"
Hill Hastings, MD May 9, 1997  "Finger Fractures"
David Green, MD November 10, 1996  "Scaphoid Fractures"
Alan Freeland, MD May 10, 1996  "Proximal Phalanx Fractures"
Richard I. Burton, MD November 10, 1995  "Managed Care"
Ronald Linscheid, MD May 19, 1995  "The Distal Radioulnar Joint"
Paul Manske, MD November 11, 1994   "Tendon Healing"
Richard Gelberman, MD April 20, 1994  "Carpal Tunnel: Open or Endoscopic?"
Julio Talesnik, MD December 5, 1993  "Surgeries that I No Longer Perform"
Relton McCarroll, MD June 5, 1993  "Thumb Reconstruction"
Jack Tupper, MD December 4, 1992  "Mistakes in Hand Surgery"