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Lunotriquetral Instability

Lunotriquetral instability is an uncommon problem. It was first described in 1984, and the world's expert on it is David Lichtman, MD. It is so uncommon that not much has been written about it on-line. Dr. Nelson has written an article on its treatment, in the Journal of Hand Surgery.

Dr. Nelson is the Director of the San Francisco Hand Surgery Club. As the Director, he invited Dr. Lichtman to give a talk on lunotriquetral instability, which you can read here. It is not edited or formulated for patients, but as a resource for surgeons (you will note that we also have a bit of fun, since Dr. Lichtman provided me with a humorous picture of himself for posting!). You can review it, but remember is was not formulated for patients.

Dr. Nelson is a member of the International Wrist Investigator's Workshop, a group of 140 surgeons from around the world who have published wrist research or otherwise contributed to our knowledge of the wrist. (Dr. Nelson has edited a book on wrist biomechanics and serves on the organizing committee for the International Wrist Biomechanics Symposium, and chaired their 1995 meeting. It was sponsored by the Mayo Clinic and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.) This group meets yearly, in a different location around the world, to discuss emerging knowledge of the wrist.

For a complex wrist case, see Mayfield II Trans-scaphoid, peri-lunate fracture dislocation.


Would you like to search the medical library of the National Library of Medicine for scientific papers on this topic? Just click on the Pub - Med image:
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