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Your fracture and your recovery are very important to me and I know it is important to you. I have written some guidelines and instructions to help you during this difficult and possibly scary process. I think that this information will help you through your recovery period and make it less frightening. What happens during your post-fracture period has a strong effect on your return to optimum function. Please read all of the information listed in the links listed below.

You have been directed here because you have recently had a fracture. Most patients will have been seen in the emergency room. If you want to learn about fracture and cast care, click on Fracture and Cast Care. This is the best place to start.

Find Out More About Different Types of Fractures

If this is your first time meeting Dr. Nelson, you can see his credentials here.

If you are trying to decide if Dr. Nelson is the right doctor for you, read Choosing a Doctor. If you want to learn about frature healing, read Fractures in General.

For information about Managed Care and how it affects your healthcare, read Managed Care: Financial Incentives.

If you want to look up specific fractures, read Fracture Types.

If you want to read the story of a child and her fracture, read this.

If you are going to be seeing me in the office, there are three pages of forms for you to fill out. If you do it now, it will save you time in the office!